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My family aren’t aware that I was raped by one of my close friends when I was younger. I didn’t feel like I could tell them because it happened when I was high.

I scanned your QR code and deeply regretted it. I miss my wife 🙁

My parents think I’m in therapy for my anxiety but I’m actually in therapy because my previous relationship were abusive and I’m trying to get over it.

New Year’s Eve is my least favourite day of the year. It reminds me how alone I am, and what a shit year I’ve had.

i have crush on my best friends boyfriend. i can’t get rid of the feelings i have for that person.

one time, my class made the teacher super mad, so she threw a book across the room. A heavy book. she still works there.

I shoplifted all through secondary school. Still do sometimes. Never got caught.

I have continuous dark thoughts about commuting horrible unthinkable acts on random strangers and fear that one day I will follow through on them. It haunts me but haven’t done anything so far so here’s hoping that continues ???

I’m a virgin

Am boi wearing gf’s panties and enjoying it (we’re in them together shhhhhhhh?)

When I was younger maybe about 3 or 4 I would come home from nursery everyday, run into my garden, take off all my clothes and roll around on the grass for about an hour. My mum even has photos of me doing it, I just pray she never shows anyone!

In school we were playing sleeping lions or something in the dark for drama class, we had to lay in the dark totally still and silent, I accidentally let a fart slip out and the teacher got so mad and shouted at the guy next to me thinking it was him and everyone thought it was him and I never said anything, sorry!

My grandfather tried to grope me in my 20’s

I totally copied – word for word – my GCSE English Literature course work on A Midsummer Night’s Dream from a GCSE study book about how to write an essay about A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It was so good they ask my permissions to use it in another official CGSE study book about to write the perfect essay on A Midsummers Night Dream.

I think people shagging in public (public toilets, dogging, etc) is beyond disgusting, call me old fashioned!

My first ever relationship was domestic abuse and only a handful of people know; i cant bare to tell my family because of how they might react.

I’m constantly worried that I will never have a passion for anything and I will just end up living a completely boring life whilst all my friends around me succeed and thrive.

Recently I referenced a film to my housemate that I’d mistakenly remembered as having watched with him not long ago. He was immediately hesitant and after some back and forth of him being confused about the content of the film and when we’d seen it, I realized I’d actually watched it with someone else. However, I had been so confidently adamant with my assertion he watched it with me up until that point that I didn’t want to admit that I was wrong, so instead, I doubled down to gaslight him to the point that he genuinely now thinks he saw the movie. Not too proud of pointlessly manipulating a friend to protect my pride.

When I was 9 I used to pick up the old chewing gum squashed into the playground, wash it and eat it! So gross!